The Helgoland Rarities Committee

The Helgoland Rarities Committe (HAK) was founded in April 1997 to relieve the German Rarities Committee and to deal additionally with local rarities. In the meantime, the HAK is also responsible for the Exclusive Economic Zone in the German North Sea.
Species, which need to be submitted to the HAK before publication (e.g. in the Helgoland bird report), are marked in the Checklist.

Current HAK-members are:

Jochen Dierschke (chairman)
Frank Stühmer
Clemens Portofée
Martin Gottschling
Heiko Schmaljohann
Julia Bayer

To include all sightings of rare birds on Helgoland in the annual bird report, please submit all sightings until January 31st of the subsequent year to:

Jochen Dierschke
An der Sapskuhle 511
27498 Helgoland