Submission of data, rarities and pictures to the OAG Helgoland

As always we would be happy to receive data from all bird sightings from Helgoland including rarity reports and photographs. Some notes how to submit:

Observation data:

We collect data of ALL bird species, also the common ones! Even 3 Meadow Pipits will be entered in our database and used to compile the bird report or for further analysis. Sometimes people send us data only of the rare birds – which often were seen by many observers anyway. So, if you have detailed notes, don’t hesitate to send us also the data of common species! Data should be submitted as an Excel-file per email to Volker.Dierschke [at] Submission is of course also possible by snail mail to the address of the OAG Helgoland.


Species which are on the list of the Helgoland Rarities Committee (HAK) can only be used in the bird report, if a full documentation is submitted. The list of species which have to be submitted you find here, a rarity report form you can download here. Please send the forms by email to Jochen.Dierschke [at] (or as a print to the OAG-adress).


On the recent news coloumn you regularly find recent photographs, but we also are looking for pictures for our bird report. In the last one only digital images were printed, but we’re still interested in slides as well! Photographs of interest are very good pictures of common species and all kind of photographs (even 2 pixels can be enough …) of rare species.

Please submit the pictures as follows:


Pictures are put on the homepage just as they arrive. The longest side should be not more than 550 Pixels and the pictures should be in an acceptable JPEG-quality, preferable not larger than 100 kB. Changes in light, colours etc as well as sharpening must be done by yourself. Pictures can be send by email to Jochen.Dierschke [at]

Bird report

For the bird report we need pictures most precisely in the largest format possible (raw data), cutting we do ourselves. Please submit them as TIFF-files, as JPEG files lose quality by every saving. Small changes in light, colours etc. can be made, but please do not sharpen the image, as this is done by us. As such pictures are very large, they can't be emailed to us, so please send a CD to: OAG Helgoland, Postfach 869, 27490 Helgoland, Germany).